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I am not sure how long would this post take, but I believe and the main goal of writing this whole page is to help as many people as I can and inspire them to follow their passion and dreams, regardless what society and all the social norms think and want you to do.

And I want you to know that all of this is coming from personal experience and I will share more experiences in the future as well.


I am a 27years old Mechanical Engineer from a small town “Okara" in Pakistan. Born and raised in the same city.

Like any normal kid or most of them anyway in our society the first aim I set was to become a Pilot!

If any of you who are reading this are from Pakistan or India, you might be familiar with this concept as well.

There was no such thing as career counselling back in our days so the only hot trends were either a Pilot, Engineer or a Doctor. And I ended up becoming an Engineer and actually graduated in September 2013.

Right after graduating, the next goal was to get myself a Good Job. Even that time I was lost and had no direction, and deep down I knew it that I am NOT a 9-5 work hours material.

But my financial condition clouded my judgement and I applied to every industry I could. There were interviews but no call backs and even if I get any call the pay was just too low to consider.

Luckily I got a job as a lecturer at the same university I graduated from, although the pay wasn’t good but I got admitted to MSc Thermal Power Engineering at the same time, so it was worth a try.

YES! More qualification! Thinking it might increase chances for me getting a good job - which apparently didn’t happen!

The Beginning

This whole Internet Marketing Business wasn’t an intended plan, frankly I had no idea whats it’s all about.

I tried to learn all about it back in 2011 but couldn’t give it a try due to number of factors:

  1. I was under the impression that it’s all “Fake and Myths" and no one could ever earn multiple figures a month or even a year for that matter without any proper Degree, Skill or Education! - I was wrong
  2. Paypal - The Major Pakistani Issue, I couldn’t even think about trying it, because we don’t have Paypal in Pakistan. I was young and wasn’t able to figure out a solution at that time. - I was making excuses
  3. Had NO Money at all to invest on anything, not even a simple course or mentor. (I learnt all of it the hard way) - I had no solution for this, I could borrow money but I don’t like to ask for favours
  4. I wasn’t willing to take any risk. - Thing I regret the most

So because of these reasons I chose freelancing back in 2011 instead of getting into Marketing World, and the fact that payment problem was solved this way and it seemed coherent to my thinking of “You need to learn a skill in order do something online“.


So early 2011 I typed in my browser, “How to make money online? How to make money online for free? How to make easy money? How to make money without any skill? How to make money online fast? Make easy money?"

And I am pretty sure anyone who is reading this had been through this phase and its frustrating, there was just too much to consume - I read articles, blog posts, forums, black/white/gray all those different colored hats.

I read A LOT!

May be for like months without trying anything, because like I said I was under the impression that these are all myths, and its impossible for a Mechanical Engineering student to make money online without any technical knowledge at all.

I wasn’t even familiar with the world Freelance at that time. Believe me I WAS NOT familiar with it.

So I approached a friend who was doing Computer Science and asked him about any legit methods of making money online. He told me about:

  • Adsense
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Freelancing

So I started digging up.

I looked up adsense and Loved the idea. Didn’t go through all the details of it and everything, because I was after quick money.

So Bought a domain and after a month applied for adsense and got my account. Right after placing the ads, I got The Brilliant Idea of clicking my own ads which eventually got my account suspended within a week.

Never tried adsense again till 2013, and I will share that method in some future post.

After getting my account banned I then looked up SEO and decided I can’t do it, because it’s gonna take too much time which I didn’t have as I was a full time student with 2 jobs at that time.

So the next thing was Freelancing - which kinda fascinated me because it seemed long term, the only issue was I had no skill or service to offer. But this time I was getting into it more strategically and with proper planning!

I started looking into the type of jobs anyone can do without any skill on technical knowledge for that matter. Results I came up with were “Transcription", “Virtual Assistance" and something related to document handling.

The very next thing I did was looked up at some successful profiles who had some great success, I simply modeled their profiles, their introduction, the way they presented themselves and pitched their services.

So now I had a profile and I was good to bid on jobs, the only thing that I lack were the feedbacks.

So here’s what I did to make up for it. Instead of copy and pasting the same cover letter for every job I bid on, I wrote all the cover letters uniquely and bid the minimum amount you can think of!

Why? Like I said I had a plan and strategy in place. I wasn’t looking for just quick bucks, I was looking for recurring clients and an “amazing feedback".

After so many cover letters I finally got a job for transcription of 45mins audio with a pay of just $1. JACKPOT!

I accepted immediately! And it took me whole 24hrs (not in a row) to complete that job. I used some software with it to add timestamps on the whole thing with no such request from the client but I did it anyway.

And Yes! you guessed it right, he gave me an awesome feedback with another job but this time the pay was $45.


Long story short I am not 100% Top Rated Odesk Freelancer and getting constant high quality leads for free via that same profile and providing different services.


Late 2014 I was able to generate 4-Figures a week doing freelancing but working my ass off all the time!

That’s when I thought I need to pursue something else that can help me spend more time with my family and help me quit my job as well.

Now by that time I knew that in order to climb higher and get to the level where I want to be, the best and the fastest way to get their is by getting help from someone who is already there!

And that was the wisest decision I ever made..

I launched several digital products online in 2015 and awarded top vendor and affiliate at WarriorPlus marketplace.

I learnt the art of Traffic and Conversions!

Now I am NOT gonna say that I am a GURU or anything like that! And I believe when it comes to Online Business, no one can really call himself/herself a GURU, because things are constantly updating and evolving so one needs to keep himself/herself updated.

I am learning and evolving on daily basis and I will keep updating this blog with what I learnt this week and what’s working to help as many as possible, so lookout for updates and Sign Up below to receive all the quality updates I will be sharing with you guys!


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