Google Adsense 2016 – New Tips & Tricks With Complete Guide


Ok! Here goes the first post! But Before getting started I must tell you, this is NOT any sort of Hack! This is something that works and I still do it for a side income, and in this post I will lay down all the steps for you! FYI, this is NOT just Google Adsense 2016 tips and tricks, these will work for many years to come because we are NOT doing anything black/gray or any of those different colored hats.

You can bookmark this page to read it and go through the whole process again whenever needed.

That being said, I am only sharing this because it worked for me without any hefty investment and it will work for YOU guys as well.

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What/How/Why of Google Adsense You Should Know!

Before we get into nitty bitty details of this super cool method. Lets hit up some details and get on a common ground because there are some things that you should know and it will help you in the long run, not only to have a consistent and good income with google adsense but also how you can safely take it to the whole next level.

The Big G….

I was just in a group call with students and someone said!

“I wish I was the one invented Google!"

And we had a great laugh! Google is making money from every angle and I don’t know how to describe it the amount of money they are making and we as a consumer are the main source of their income!

And there are actually 2 sides of it! the “Advertiser’s side" and the “Publisher’s Side"


I am not gonna get into the details of Advertiser’s funnels and publishers, there’s a lot more info on that already. But since this post is about Google Adsense and in order to generate more income as a publisher, you must understand that you need to have a quality traffic for advertisers to buy media on your website.

Quality traffic doesn’t need to be just search or social traffic for that matter, you can also:

The Problem Everyone Encounters w/ Google Adsense

The biggest concern when you are working on a blog with intentions of putting adsense ads in place is “Unique Content" that gets shared.

That’s not just the only problem.

Sometimes you have to pick up a niche you know nothing about and you also don’t know whether it’s going to be profitable for adsense or not? (I am gonna discuss both sides of this issue; Advertiser’s and Publisher’s side) so keep reading..

It can be expensive if you plan on outsourcing the content creation part, it can be done, but with a clever plan so that you can have a decent ROI (Return on Investment).

All the technical hoopla, what plugins to use and how to use them. NIGHTMARE

How to get approved for adsense if you DON’T have an existing account already?

What keywords/niches to go after? (We are NOT gonna discuss this in detail, because this method is NOT keyword dependent - yayy!!!)

Going niche specific or broad?

Of Course there are plenty of other issues that I am not familiar with, but these are the ones that I faced and solved.

The Solution For Google Adsense in 2016

So we have been through the major issues and now we are gonna talk about how to resolve all of them. Now bear in mind that you need to make up your mind first regarding what type of traffic you will be sending to your website that you are monetizing with adsense, meaning whether you are gonna use FREE Traffic or Paid Traffic?

YES! Paid traffic works really well with adsense blogs - all you gotta do is know your numbers and your main goal is always to have a high RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions) than your CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions).

But with FREE Traffic you don’t have to worry about RPM because you are NOT paying for traffic, your only goal would be to get more traffic and some good banner placements on your blog that can help you get a decent CTR.

Niche - Going Broad or Laser Targeted?

I have recently delivered a webinar to my Closed Facebook Group Members where I discussed this more in detail. Watch that part of The Webinar below:

My recommendation?

Well, since I am now more inclined towards advertiser’s side, so I think about profits from both ends. Going into specific niche will get you “FREE Traffic", but it comes at the cost of scalability.

You see you can only scale to a certain limit when you are going after targeted niche!

So it all boils down to what is your goal and how you are going to achieve it? For example if you are NOT thinking about Traffic Arbitrage and solely relying on search traffic than going specific would be a good idea and you should choose domains accordingly. (It’s easy as well but you need more research on this, if you plan on going after niche sites)

[infobox maintitle="Traffic Arbitrage" subtitle="You buy traffic from networks and profit from ads that are placed on your website! Keep in mind that your RPM (Revenue per Impressions) should always be greater than CPM (Cost Per Impression)." bg="yellow" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link=""]

BUT! If you are thinking about scalability and Traffic Arbitrage than I would recommend to go after a general audience and broader niches!

Heck I have a website where I have targeted “The Whole WWW" with menus in different niches and I am running traffic to those individual categories. (Traffic in million views)


I have to blur this out for general audience for obvious reasons!

But let me tell you the reason for going after general audience rather than specific target.

Remember when I said:

I will explain this from advertisers point of view, because it would be easier to understand that way.

If you have a website based on celebrities or movies or anything like that, your RPM is gonna SUCK!


Think about it! No business owners or advertisers are gonna pay for placements on your site because they will not get any conversions or good amount of conversions to maintain a positive ROI (Return on Investment), so you end up getting paid from those Big Brands Like Coke, Colgate, etc,.. Because they just need brand awareness and not looking for conversions and since there is no competition from other advertisers, they get really cheap traffic from your celebrity/movies based website and you get Shitty payments.

But on the other hand, if you have a Financial based website, or health related! And good quality traffic with premium content? Think about it, all those advertisers will be bidding really high to get as much traffic as possible from your website and thus you get paid more!

Now you can either restrict yourself to just specific niche site e.g. health niche website for SEO traffic (remember you also have the option of buying traffic for niche based website as well, that way you get search traffic as well and easy to rank) or you can go after a broader audience based website like I do and setup individual tabs for different niches!

Post articles in those tabs with your affiliate links or CPA offers and run traffic to it? You are in GOLD my friend. 

And that’s exactly what I am doing in the website above that I shared.

Not So Much Unique Content For Google Adsense?

google-adsense-2016Ahh! Did I hit a nerve there?

Lol.. I hate writing. I like videos more and I believe I can deliver more quality content via videos in a short span of time. (Make sure you follow me on YouTube, I might start live streaming as well via Periscope or Facebook Mentions, I will keep you posted.)

Back to the article!


“I really want to help you" and go beyond all the limits for this and for that very reason I setup a complete new website just for this purpose to explain the whole thing with examples, in a way so that it would be easy to understand for everyone!

So The example website is “Interesting Facts Online“.

You will see the real example applied in there with all the things I have explained so far.

Let’s talk about the content first, now like I said, “I hate writing" - that whole website’s content was outsourced. From the name itself you can clearly see that it’s not a specific niche and I can target anything. The latest article is actually a viral piece of content that I got from Buzzsumo.

All of the content posted on that website is under Creative Common RightsWhat that means, you can share the content by crediting the original creator/author.

So all of the images are under CC and I was getting search traffic as well alongside my paid traffic that I was running on certain pages for CPA offers.

Now let me tell you how I got this idea and share my own searches and collections on all the sources that I have collected over the years.

If you’ve been following me or read my About Me section. You might already know that I started as a freelancer back in 2011.

This was actually a job that I did at the begining and the guy was doing the exact same thing with a slightly different touch!

[infobox maintitle="That Guy’s Model" subtitle="So the guy who hired me, was making all these websites and then outsource the content portion that falls under CC. He hired me for $60/month posting 12 posts per day 2hrs apart. And I was happy with those $60/month, you can still get it outsourced for that exact amount now! But NOT ME of course! 😛 Anyway after 8 or 9 months all of his websites have enough traffic and he flip those websites for $3k to $5k. Easy peasy and sneaky!" bg="yellow" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link=""]

I kept working for him for like 5 months and he flipped around 4 different websites during that interval. I was young and naive, never actually tried that. But I applied the adsense touch to it and the very first month I was able to make $100 via adsense with a brand new website. (but your result may vary.. I can’t really promise how much you are gonna make, because at the end of the day It all depends on how much efforts you put in..)

Now you might be wondering, Hey! Genius where did you get the traffic from, if you didn’t have the money to spend at that time?

Well I didn’t spend a penny on traffic, infact the list you are about to download below, not only has all the creative content sources but it also has several websites with tens of thousands of visitors on daily basis and they allow you to post as a guest and that’s exactly what I did.

That’s not the good part, I have been collecting these resources since 2011 and it will definitely save you a ton of time because you don’t have to search for anything. All you gotta do is download the list and follow the method as I have explained in this guide below. Download The List From Here.

Now you have everything you need to make this happen, let’s get to the technical stuff!

Things You’re Gonna Need & My Recommendations

Before getting into more details of the whole setup, there are certain things you’re gonna need but don’t worry about any hefty investment because there’s not.

Now these are the things that you should use because they will help you get the most out of your Google Adsense Account and I really mean each and everything! All the way from hosting upto small little plugins that I recommend below.

They are also required for this particular guide. So here goes the list:

Web Hosting

You need a solid webhost with lightening fast uptime!

You need speed and 247 support throughout the year, and based on my experiences with so many hosting companies, I would highly recommend you to go with Bluehost (50% off Discount Link). They have an amazing support and I really like it being a non techy person.


I once had a malware on one of my wordpress blog and I was about to outsource its removal for a price of $125.

Luckily I contacted the support at Bluehost and one of their guy helped me remove that malware myself on a special call and from that very time I always recommend  Bluehost to all of my students because no one can beat their support.



Although you get a FREE domain with Bluehost, but if you want to park more domains - (adding more domains to current cpanel, and yes you can add unlimited domains with Bluehost) - I’d recommend buy domains at Namesilo using Coupon Code “1OFFF63Y5M984D".

Now you can always buy domains from bluehost as well, but the annual recurring cost will be around $15.

The reason I use Namesilo to buy domains is because they have FREE domain privacy and the annual recurring cost of domains will remain the same, for example if you buy a .com domain at godaddy for just $0.99 the first year you will end up paying an annual recurring cost of that domain around $15.

But with Namesilo - the annual cost will remain the same and that is just $8. Pretty cool!


You need wordpress for your blog, easy to follow CMS with tons of tutorials available online and the best thing is, you have the option of 1-click installation with Bluehost (HUGE Time saver). Also this whole method is based on wordpress CMS, so there’s no point choosing something else.

Frankly I don’t even know if there’s something else!

WordPress Theme

Now you need a theme that will get you some nice CTR (Click Through Rate) and I always use Jarida Premium WordPress Theme for such setup. You will get amazing CTR that’s crucial for big bucks with adsense, it’s easy to set up and the developers are really helpful and quick in responding all the queries.


Ad Injection WordPress Plugin

This is what I use to place ads before, after and randomly in the content of the post. Really easy to setup and it’s FREE!

You can download it here.

Adblock Notify by b*web Wordpress Plugin

These days there are lot of ad blocker extensions and yesterday I noticed a freaking software as well. Too bad!

Its clearly gonna affect your adsense earnings and I have split tested the use of this plugin.

Basically it shows a popup message to the viewer to disable their adblocker if they want to view the content, because if they don’t, your ads will not show up and you end up making nothing!

You can download it here.

adblocker for wordpress

Amazon Web Services & WP Offload S3 Wordpress Plugins

Apart from hosting your blog at Bluehost, this is what I did to take wordpress speed and loading time to a whole other level. If you visit the blog above that I created for this example, all of the images load time is blazing fast, and that’s only because of Amazon Web Services & WP Offload S3 WordPress Plugins.

You will be using Amazon’s cloudfront CDN feature that’s extremely cheap! As a matter of fact I just paid $0.38 today as my last month’s bill.

Now there are a lot of other CDN services but they all cost a fortune, but NOT Amazon.

It’s a little bit complicated, but I really recommend it, and now I use it for all of my wordpress based blogs.

Here is a complete Guide for the whole thing.

Disqus Comment System

You can use both Facebook comments or Disqus comments for your wordpress blog, but NEVER wordpress comments!

Its more of a personal choice, I however prefer Disqus and you can download it here.

jQuery Pin It Button For Images

We want all the social exposure. And since you are using a lot of images on your blog than why not harness the power of Biggest social image sharing platform?

You will be amazed to see the daily traffic flow just from Pinterest and there’s a really cool plugin for that which you can download from here.

pinterest plugin for wordpress

RSS Image Feed Wordpress Plugin

This is an optional step but since I used it in my setup so it’s worth mentioning.

When you start getting good traffic people will start signing up for your RSS feeds and since you have a blog with a lot of images, its always good to show them the featured image as a glimpse of whats coming.

So this plugin comes in handy to do that with Feedburner which is an amazing service my The Big G.

rss feed worpdress plugin for google adsense

Theia Post Slider WordPress Plugin

Now this here is a really cool trick to increase your RPM for every post! And if you are gonna take just one thing from this awesome post, take this thing.

You see if you are running traffic to one of your post than you must think of ways to increase your RPM as much as possible and this plugin will help you do that.


Good question!

When you are sending traffic to a post, with let’s just say 12 images, and you divide that post into 3 images per slide with the help of this plugin, the viewer has to “Click Next" every time to view rest of the content.

And every time the page gets loaded you will get a new impression from that same viewer/visitor.

So the result is, instead of having just 1-Impression from a single viewer/visitor with 12 images on a post, you will get 4 impressions from that single viewer. (12 images divided into 3 images per slide ends up in 4 slides)

Now if you are paying $1 CPM for traffic and you only manage to get $0.5 revenue from those 1000 impressions via your blog, you have just doubled your revenue with this little sneaky trick.

And you are welcome! 😉

You can get this plugin from here.

make money with adsense in 2016

Thrive Leads Wordpress Plugin

My Leadgen plugin!

Guys at are The Best when it comes to wordpress themes and plugins. I have bought all of their plugins and I use all of them in my online business to save $1000’s of Dollars every year in recurring costs of Page Builders Like ClickFunnels, which is good but Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads serves the same purpose with a one time cost and cheap as well.

[infobox maintitle="ClickFunnels Update" subtitle="ClickFunnels has recently added some powerful features that definitely saves a ton of time, so I am opting for ClickFunnels after watching their FREE Workshop or worth $497. Click here to watch that FREE Workshop!" bg="yellow" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link=""]

You see the forms up their in “Locked Premium Content"? Those forms are built using Thrive Leads.

Like I said I practice what I preach.

I haven’t said it yet?

No? Lol, here you go:

WP Auto Tagging Wordpress Plugin

Now this is a good way to save some time when you are making 6-12 posts per day. This plugin generates the tags automatically for every post you create so you don’t have to manually enter tags every time you post something new. Pretty handy!

You can download this plugin here.

Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin

You need this plugin to set up meta tags and its social settings are crucial. Make sure you enter as much details in its settings as possible and it will handle the rest.

Jetpack Wordpress Plugin

I only use JetPack to see a quick overview of stats but I use other tools for my tracking purpose, which is beyond the scope of this post. But you can just start off with jetpack.

Download Jetpack Here.

iThemes Security Wordpress Plugin

This possibly is the Most Important plugin for each of your wordpress installations because here’s the fact! WordPress is Great, no doubt in there but there are countless vulnerabilities in it you can’t even imagine. A security plugin would go a long way to help you secure you blog

Download iThemes Security Here.

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Great! Now you have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal, I am pretty sure about 99% of people reading this post will procrastinate and end up doing nothing.

PLEASE! Don’t!

Take action on this thing and it will work!

You might be wondering how much time did that example took me to set up from scratch?

Well apart from daily posts which I outsourced, I got the whole thing done in a single freaking day.

YES! All the way from wordpress installation to the very first post, and if I can do this, you can do this as well. And to make it much more easier and simpler, I am gonna layout the whole action plan for you guys and summarize it as well. 

Summary With Action Plan

Follow these steps in this exact order and you won’t have any problem setting things up, even if you have no idea what or how to do any of it.

Remember you can always outsource some of these jobs at fiverr, so don’t forget that option as well.

  1. Get yourself a FREE Domain and hosting at 50% Off Discount from Bluehost. Install WordPress using their 1-Click Installation (If you prefer Hostgator, I made a video for my students related to this 1-click installation, Here’s the link for that). I don’t recommend hostgator anymore because their support sucks!
  2. After installing WordPress install Jarida Premium WordPress Theme.
  3. Install all the plugins in the exact order above, and most of these plugins are pretty much self explanatory and you do have the rough idea of how you are gonna use them.
  4. Once you have everything installed. Make these pages, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, About Us and Contact Page. There are tons of templates online - a simple google search would do the trick.
  5. Now make two menus from wordpress appearance. “Main Menu" and “Footer". Place these pages (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, About Us and Contact Page) in footer and your main categories in “Main Menu".
  6. Setup all the social profiles including (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and all the others you can think of.)
  7. Once thats done, start adding posts and guest posts with a link back to your blog. (Don’t just add adsense code in your blog right away)
  8. Once you start getting some daily unique visitors, place adsense code and outsource the content addition part. (Both at your website and guest posts) - If you don’t have the adsense account, this would be the time to apply for one.
  9. Send me a Testimonial when you start getting some $$$.

[su_box title="Pro Tips" box_color="#f44236" title_color="#ffffff" radius="4"]Well nothing concludes an ultra special post with some out of the box pro tips Right? So here you go:

  1. Make multiple blogs in whatever niche you chose and outsource the content creation part.
  2. Once you have a consistent flow of traffic, start buying traffic from whatever source you feel comfortable, e.g. Facebook and send traffic back to your blogs. Now you will understand the real meaning of RPM and CPM.(When you are buying traffic, you are not just relying on search engine traffic which is why I mentioned earlier in this post that you do not need to go into that crazy keyword stuffed articles)
  3. Try and generate leads using Thrive Leads plugin I shared above.
  4. If you have a good amount of consistent traffic, you can flip those domains. Contact me if you need any help with that, I can’t write about everything in this post.
  5. You also have the option of setting up a blog once and than just copy/paste the whole blog to another domain and than you will have multiple blogs to monetize with the same CC based content safely!
  6. Start buying traffic from native ads networks like Taboola,, revcontent.. there are so many to select and just remember your RPM should always be greater than CPM.
  7. Add more ad codes to your websites from these same Native Ad Networks like Taboola, they pay really good to publishers, but you gotta have a high volume traffic in order to get approval from these native networks. [/su_box]
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